Posterus-Magazine is not just a magazine, but as well an exclusive exhibitor catalogue.

Designers of numerous fields, industries, within our concepts will be showcased in the magazine, along with numerous articles about,

our locations, designers, yachting, aerospace tech, architecture and much more. In addition to Posterus magazine, our newspaper

The Posterus Times, will be used to promote innovating minds in design and visionary ideas. This newspaper will be distributed

at several physical locations, among with high societies, industries, etc.


The official launch and first edition of the magazine will be available at our annual events, like Posterus360 as well as at the physical events.

The first edition of the Posterus Times was published on April 2016, while the second physical edition of the newspaper will be

published during Posterus360 in Monaco. With Posterus Magazine and The Posterus Times, we gain for our event

participants, partners and sponsors maximum visibility, thanks to, several International distribution points

in Monaco, Cannes and other countries.The physical magazine will be available for purchase at our websites


Interested in advertising or distribution of the magazine or newspaper, go to Posterus-Magazine and

The Posterus Times fill out the form and we send you our detailed advert packages.






For all info you can contact us through our contact form




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