Luxury Yacht Event Demo goes online mid October 2018. Introduction event at Monaco and Cannes will be hosted lateron 2018.

The beginning of 2019 as well at Belgium, The Netherlands, NY, etc. In this announcing events the full demo of Posterus360, Luxury Yacht Event, Vision & Future and VIFAF we will be presented.


This will be a fully operational fair with participants. Presenting all the possibilities with our Posterus360 platform and virtual trade fairs. Participants in this demo will have all the same options and exhibition possibilities as the full fair. As well will be presented at all the announcing event locations and have the oportunity to exhibit their designs Virtually and Physically.

Furthermore the demo will stay online until the big fair at October 2019.


Exhibitors are yacht industries, designers and technologies. Because we focus on quality, a selection will be done. Therefore we request all interested participants to submit through our submission form. After selection procedure and acceptance we send you our full application form, floor plan with booth listing, etc.


5-10 applicants will be selected to be as well included in the full interactive demo of Posterus360 and Luxury Yacht Event.

This demo will be available at all our platforms, websites and accessible by worldwide visitors. As well used for promotion of Luxury Yacht Event and Posterus360 until opening of the big fair. All distributed over Yachting enthusiasts, press and high society worldwide. For more information, contact us.


All final participants will be listed here on this webpage, as well in the digital and physical exhibitor catalogue.





For all info you can contact us through our contact form




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